vet assistantWhether you’re a veterinarian looking to get your employees a gift, you’re married to one, or you have a friend who’s one, you might be hard pressed to find a good Valentine’s Day gift for the veterinary technician in your life.

Maybe you know this person better than you know anyone, but you want to give them a gift beyond the usual. So where do you go? Do you want to get her something that shows off her career, or is she the type who wants to get away from work when she isn’t there?

Of course, when you’re getting your valentine a gift, knowing her tastes are the first step in selecting the right gift. But for that vet tech in your life, here are a couple of ideas to get you started in the gift-giving process:

  1. Cat Silhouette Artisan Glass Necklace: The Animal Rescue Site has tons of animal-themed jewelry options for the purrrrfect animal lover in your life. If your vet tech enjoys pieces of this type, you can’t go wrong selecting this type of item to lift her spirits and show off her love of creatures of the feline persuasion.
  2. Café Press Vet Tech Gifts: Café Press has a variety of options, from mugs that say “I like Big Mutts and I Cannot Lie,” to a “Veterinary Technician” thong for that special someone. Make your choice at your own risk.
  3. A siesta: Vet techs work hard. They’re on their feet all day and deal with scared, injured, and sometimes aggressive pets. They can use a little pampering too. Try a massage, a mani-pedi, or a spa day at their favorite spot. You can’t go wrong offering them a few hours to recover from their hard work!

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