Steps Vet Assistants Should Take To Ensure Fear Free Vet Visits!

The Key to Making Your Veterinary Assistant Job Easier

Veterinary Assistants understand that going to the veterinarian can be stressful for pets and their owners. According to the Bayer Veterinary Healthcare Usage Study in 2014, 37 percent of owners say that their dogs hate going to the vet. This anxiety often results in pet owners reducing their number of visits to the vet. As a Vet Assistant, try these simple tips to do you part in ensuring fear free clinical visits!

Educate Customers

As a Vet Assistant, you should begin to educate your customers on their first visit. Encourage pet owners to help their animals get comfortable with items that are typically associated with the vet: cat carriers or crates, collars and car rides. By allowing pets to play or sleep in their crates, they will not view getting in their carrier as a negative thing. Pets should get used to their collars by wearing them at home or going on frequent walks. Similarly, pet owners should take their pets for car rides to places other than the vet. When pets no longer associate these items with the vet, they are less likely to be less stressed out on the day of their veterinary visit.

Exam Room Etiquette

Veterinary assistants have another set of steps to follow inside the exam room. Treat each animal with care. Remember that each animal is different, so you may need to adjust your techniques in order to make them comfortable. To create low-stress situations, avoid looking pets directly in their eyes. Staring at a pet could possibly be seen as a threat or challenge.

Remember those times when you reached too quickly to pet a cat, and it greeted you with a painful scratch? To avoid this, make only slow movements from the side. Another trick to avoiding stress is to begin examining pets on the floor. Sometimes, pets view the exam table as intimidating. Lastly, encourage pet owners to bring their animals in on an empty stomach. Owners should also bring some of the pet’s food or treats with them. Vet assistants can give these treats to the pet throughout the procedure to help ease the process. These tips should help pets feel more comfortable in the exam room.


Creating a fear free clinic has an array of positives. Fear free visits may result in less sedation, less pet vomiting and diarrhea, and more accurate exams. The most important benefit is that fear free visits encourage customers to bring their pets to the vet on a more regular basis rather than only in emergency situations.


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