Veterinary assistants help provide clinical support to animals, but they also work closely with pet owners, often answering a variety of animal questions.

One question some pet owner might have is when is it a good idea to get a second dog in the house?

“People will sometimes want a second dog if their first dog has problem behaviors such as separation anxiety or house soiling, thinking that the new dog will solve all their problems,” said Dr. Bonnie Beaver, a board-certified veterinary behaviorist and past president of the American Veterinary Medical Association. “What we know is that many dogs with separation anxiety don’t care if there’s another dog there or not. They’re totally oblivious to it; they’re so focused on the owner that they don‘t pay any attention to the new dog.”

Veterinary assistants provide support to veterinarians and help in the clinical procedures performed on injured and sick animals. But they also serve as a guide to pet owners who will often ask veterinary assistants questions, such as when to get a second dog.

“We have responsibilities to these dogs,” Beaver recommended to those considering a second dog. “And the most important factor is to make sure that all dogs that come into the household are wanted and there’s a commitment to give them the best care possible.”

Working as a veterinary assistant can be a very rewarding and fulfilling career, especially for those who have a passion for animals and enjoy helping pet owners.