Not too many jobs give people to put their compassion in action. But a career as a veterinary assistant will give you the chance to live out your passion for working with animals, while making a difference in the lives of animals and pet owners.

It’s common for boys and girls to grow up with a fascination of animals and many children dream of becoming a veterinarian. It’s also common for adults to take a different career path than the one they dreamed about as a child. But Milwaukee Career College’s veterinary assistant training program can give you a second chance on your dream of working with animals.

Veterinary assistants work in a supportive role with a veterinarian and they can work in a variety of facilities, ranging from traditional veterinary clinics to other types of care centers and mobile clinics. The training program at Milwaukee Career College offers students the chance to develop hands-on experience and training that today’s employers are looking for. In a matter of months you can be on your way to a long-term career as a veterinary assistant. It also helps that this career field is growing and employers across the country are looking for veterinary assistants who have the right mix of training and experience.

It’s not too late to realize your dream of working with animals by becoming a professionally trained veterinary assistant. Milwaukee Career College is offering a chance to enter this growing career field that is in need of professionally trained individuals who have a passion for helping animals in need.