MCCWorking as a medical professional is about choosing a career, not a job. It is an important distinction. A job helps sustain you and your family allowing you to buy food and put a roof over your head, but a career is more of a life calling that also gives you purpose. That is one reason health care is such a promising industry.

The healthcare sector is one of the most stable employment opportunities around. A little education opens up even more doors, so you can live your life without compromise. You can have both – a job that pays the bills while offering stability plus a career that holds your interest and sustains your mind.

Job Growth in Healthcare

Thirteen of the top 20 fastest growing professions are medical, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Those numbers focus not on physicians and nurses, but medical fields that support both patients and clinicians like medical assisting and surgical technology. Health care reform is working to bring down the cost of medical care and these positions are the key.

The BLS states that each month there are around 1,000 jobs opening up in the healthcare sector and around 600 new hires. The unemployment rate in the medical industry is around 3.2%, putting it well below the national average. That is in the industry as a whole. Support functions are expanding even more. They estimate an additional 14,700 jobs just for surgical technicians over the next decade with a projected 15% growth rate.

Diversity in the Medical Field

Of course, the benefits of working in this industry go beyond just financial reward and job stability. A career in healthcare offers you diversity in job choices. You can work with:

  • Clinics
  • Major hospitals
  • Long term care facilities
  • Private practices
  • Community centers

People who choose a medical profession will find jobs in a variety of industries, too, so they work in:

  • School districts
  • Insurance companies
  • Nonprofits
  • Corporations
  • Local, state and federal agencies

They can run their own business, work as a consultant or educate the next generation of healthcare professionals.

No matter what type of service you provide, the salaries will remain competitive because people will always need healthcare – that is one simple fact will never change. There will always be jobs available as a medical professional. As you work, you learn even more. The healthcare industry continues to evolve as new technology and research shifts towards preventative care and service coordination to open up even more opportunities for you to grow.

If you look past job stability and financial reward, you will see working in a medical field means you are choosing a career that allows you to help others. That is why it’s a calling. As you make choices about the rest your life, consider why working as a medical professional will offer so much more.

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