Qualities of a Medical Assistant

Learn all the qualities of a medical assistant. Becoming a medical assistant can be an exciting career for the right individual. As with all careers that involve working directly with people, however, it takes more than simply learning the health care aspects. The successful Medical Assistant must possess certain qualities that help contribute to job satisfaction as well as performance. Let’s take a look at some of the most important qualities required.


– This is a career that requires attention to detail. It’s important to be aware of what is going on at all times. You could prevent a fall or catching a wound that may have been missed, so awareness at all times is necessary.


– Every case is different. You deal with a variety of personalities, people in different stages of dependence or illness. You also may not be able to rely on steady hours. An emergency could break out at any moment and you must be able to react. You must be able to adapt to handle crisis situations.


– People who are ill are not always in the best place emotionally. You will need to be able to handle complaints, stubbornness and sometimes physical lashing out. Dealing with difficult patients takes a lot of patience. Therefore, you must remain calm regardless of the circumstance.

Excellent communication skills

– Communication skills are vital for an up and coming Medical Assistant. First, a medical assistant must be able to take orders from the clinician in charge. Not only must they communicate with the medical staff, but also the patient.


– The most successful medical assistants are able to put themselves in the shoes of their patients. In other words, they are able to understand how scared a five-year-old is or how frustrated an elderly patient is at losing independence. With empathy, many of the other traits fall into place.


– People don’t conveniently need assistance Monday through Friday from 9-3. A Medical Assistant needs to be willing to work many different hours. You may have to give up weekends and work on some holidays. Patients need to know help is there when it is required.

Becoming part of the medical community has many rewards, as well as obstacles. Having the proper personality traits will help you succeed in the field. Milwaukee Career College takes not only the academic ability but also personality traits into consideration within its Medical Assistant Program. We don’t want to simply turn out graduates with medical knowledge, we want to send graduates out into the world to succeed.

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