Dental Assistant Tools and Technology

Dental Assistant is a job which has been steadily growing. In fact, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports that there will be 58,000 new jobs by the year 2024. This position represents an amazing opportunity for your future. However, becoming a Dental Assistant is about more than classes: there are a variety of tools and technologies that you must first master.

Dental Assistant Tools

One of the most basic dental assistant tools you will learn to use at Milwaukee Career College are dental mirrors. They allow you to more fully survey a patient’s mouth and to reflect light to better see inside the mouth. Additionally, you will learn how to use a sickle probe (also known as a dental explorer) in order to examine the health of a patient’s tooth by making physical contact with the tool. Another basic tool you will learn about is the periodontal probe, which allows you to measure how deep the pockets between a patient’s teeth and gums are.

A more advanced tool you will learn to master is the dental retractor. This tool is designed to spread and hold parts of a patient’s mouth and allow you better visibility and access. Another advanced tool is the dental drill. This tool is used to cut into the enamel of patients’ teeth. Drills come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and your training covers a variety in order to better prepare you. You will also learn about the variety of dental excavators, including spoon excavators, enamel hatchets, and dental hatchets.

Some more of the tools you will learn about include dental burnishers, which help remove scratches when restoring tooth. You will also learn about curettes and periodontal scalers, which are used to remove tartar from teeth. Dental forceps pull teeth, and dental elevators, raise teeth in preparation for their extraction. You will get a solid foundation in how to wield these tools at MCC in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


Learning to master the technology of dentistry is just as important as mastering the tools. Specifically, you will learn how to keep all equipment clean and sterile in order to maintain the health and safety of both patients and staff. You will learn how to operate suction equipment in order to clear the mouths of patients. You will learn about software and metholodogy to make you more efficient at managing records and office files. Finally, you will learn about processing X-ray scans of patients’ mouths in order to facilitate diagnosis and treatment.

Keep On Growing

As mentioned above, the Dental Assistant field is experiencing amazing growth. After you have completed this program, there are additional certification programs that allow you to become a specialist in things like fluoride application and denture care. You can continue to master the profession which, like your own career aspirations, never stops growing.

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