Surgical Technology for Students Testimonial

“I’ve always wanted to do something in medicine. So I started researching what can I do that’s not going to take as much time as a nurse, but still inside the medical field. So, I found surgical tech and this school and thought, well this seems perfect.” Vanelly Monroy, Surgical Tech Student.

Milwaukee Career College’s Dedicated Instructors Testimonial

“All of my instructors have been really into getting us to learn and actually soak up the information… If you do have questions, you can tell them, ‘Hey look, I need extra assistance with this,’ and they’re more than happy to help you out with that.” Samanta Gingras, Vet Assistant Student.

Hands-on Training at Milwaukee Career College Testimonial

“I really didn’t know what to expect when I came in, but I love that everything is so hands-on. The instructors really care about how you are doing and how well you are understanding the material.”¬†Jordyn Shields, Dental Assistant Student.

Why Choose MCC for Surgical Tech Classes Testimonial

“I needed something a little more fast-paced than a 4-year, lengthy program. Just with my day-to-day schedule, being a mom, I needed to get it done and get it done quickly so that I could jump-start my career.” Destiny Nash, Surgical Tech Student.

MCC Helps with Job Placement Testimonial

“They were always there to help with the resume process and helping you expand your knowledge on Indeed or LinkedIn…” Ashley Schneidler, Vet Tech Student.

Advice for Milwaukee Career College Students Testimonial

“The advice I would give somebody trying to be a dental assistant or just come to MCC is: just do it. ” Andreiana Vivians, Dental Assistant Student