5 Steps to Surviving Your First Day as a Medical Assistant

How to Prepare for your first day as Entry-Level Medical Assistant Jobs

A first day can be nerve-racking…the first day of school, first date, and especially your first day at a new job. I’m here to help make your transition into a new career go smoothly. It’s time to take the skills you learned in your career training, and apply them to the real world. Follow these 5 steps to make it through your first day as a Medical Assistant!

Step 1: Familiarize Yourself with the Organization on your First Day

As a medical assistant, it is your responsibility to ensure things run smoothly in the medical office. Organization is the key to success in an office setting. You should immediately learn the organizational process for checking in patients, filing systems, types of medical terminology used, and the role you are expected to play in the system. It would also be smart to familiarize yourself with the types of computer programs being used in the office. The quicker you understand the software; the sooner you will feel comfortable at your job.

Step 2: Be Open to Instruction on Your First Day

Hopefully with the completion of your career training, you have learned the basic skills of medical assisting. However, each medical office is unique and will demand different skills from you. Although you should be confident in your abilities, be open to instruction. The medical field is constantly changing, so your job is a continuous learning process. Take the time to talk with other medical assistants and learn from physicians. If someone gives you instruction, take it as constructive criticism. Use the information to your advantage, and continue to grow in your career. Remember, the smartest people in the room aren’t the ones with all of the knowledge, but the ones that ask the best questions.

Step 3: Befriend Coworkers…Don’t Engage in Office Drama

Befriending coworkers is huge in an office setting. You will be working closely with these colleagues every day, so getting to know them will make coming to work more enjoyable. No, this doesn’t mean you have to grab a cup of coffee or play a round of golf with them…having casual conversations should do the trick. However, the biggest rule in an office setting is to avoid drama. Offices tend to be small, so any tension or gossip is sure to be heard and felt by everyone. 

Step 4: Put Patients First – Smile!!!

As a medical assistant, you are often the first person a patient sees when they come to the doctor. It is up to you to maintain a positive attitude and be welcoming to all patients. Going to the doctor can be intimidating and uncomfortable especially when a person is ill. Smile. Be helpful. Try to make them comfortable and their trip to the doctor run smoothly. Generally, businesses are successful because of good customer service.

Step 5: Have a Positive Attitude

Probably the most important step you can take at a new career is to remain positive. It is easy to get flustered in a new setting. Remember, making mistakes is okay. You are new and learning is part of the process. Staying positive, even when you make mistakes, will help make the transition into your new career easier.  Ultimately, first days are difficult for everyone, so don’t worry if you don’t fit in automatically. Overtime, you will find your place at the company.

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