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How to start a new career as a medical assistant

People who want a career as a medical assistant and work in the healthcare industry often earn a great wage and have wonderful job benefits. In addition, they have a rewarding career and great job security.

If you are considering a career in medical assisting, there are three easy steps that you will need to complete. Here is a brief guide to becoming a medical assistant and starting an amazing new career!

Step 1: Enroll in a Program

Many colleges and technical schools provide medical assistant training. In addition, some, such as Milwaukee Career College, offer flexible course schedules to make it easy to fit your training into your lifestyle. Even with busy family life or a full-time job, you can find time to complete your coursework. MCCs medical assistant training program takes less than 1 year to complete!

Step 2: Gain Experience Through an Externship

Depending on the medical assistant program you choose, you may have the opportunity to complete an externship.  An externship is a learning tool that allows you to gain real-world experience. During the externship, you learn what it is like to work as a medical assistant in medical practice! Medical assistant students at Milwaukee Career College finish their training with a six-week externship. It’s important to complete an externship as it allows you to test out the career before you start your job hunt.

Step 3: Find a Job

After you’ve completed your training and externship, it’s time to find your new job in the medical field! Medical assistants are in high demand and are needed in a variety of medical settings. The best place to start is to decide what type of medical environment you’d like to work in. When applying, be sure to highlight the skills and experience you received in school. If you complete your medical assistant training at MCC, you will have access to job placement assistance! Our Career Services team is here to support you throughout your job search.

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