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A veterinary technician performing a procedure on a cat.

Three major trends in veterinary industry

The veterinary industry is changing with major trends and it is changing the job of veterinary technicians, which are in high demand across the country.

There are three significant trends impacting the veterinary industry, which has a growing need for more veterinary technicians.

Trend #1

First, the global veterinary industry encompasses various veterinary health products such as biologicals, medicated feed additives, and veterinary pharmaceuticals report the website Report Linker. “Animal health product ranges are becoming more extensive, now including metabolic drugs, anti-infectives, reproductive aids, feed additives, vaccines, imaging diagnostics, topical solutions, and parasite controls, reports TriMark Publications. Products used to treat chronic illnesses including cancer, cardiovascular disease, and osteoarthritis, also fall into this market category.”

There are increasingly more medications and treatments for pets today, which mean more pet owners will be coming into veterinary clinics seeking treatment for their animal. This increase in business will continue to drive up the demand for more professionally trained veterinary technicians.

Trend #2

The second major trend hitting the industry is that “pet owners are spending more and more on caring for their pets’ health,” state Report Linker. “In the US, consumer spending on domestic animals is forecast to reach $33 billion in 2014, according to research from Freedonia. Pet health product demand at the manufacturer level is expected to rise almost 6 percent yearly to reach $5.5 billion in 2014.”

With spending levels on pets reaching an all-time high, more veterinary facilities are looking to hire more veterinary technicians.

Trend #3

The third trend is that “market growth will be fuelled by an expanding pet population and changing attitudes that see owners treat their pets as companions or family members. Due to this new trend, the pet health market has fared the economic recession well, with owners reluctant to cut back on pet spending.”

These trends are bringing growth to the veterinary industry and that means there is a growing demand for more professionally trained veterinary technicians. The changes taking place in the veterinary industry also mean that today’s veterinary technicians must have relevant training and passion for their work.

Veterinary technicians are often required to think on their feet. Like any medical professional, taking time to research an issue is important, but there are times when a veterinary technician must be able to quickly find an answer to a pet owner’s question or when assisting a veterinarian.

This is why the training a veterinary assistant receives is very important. Employers are looking for veterinary technicians who have a combination of professional training and experience. There is also a need for veterinary technicians who have completed a training program where they have received hands-on training in the various tasks they will be expected to perform while on the job.

Milwaukee Career College offers the type of veterinary technician training program that today’s employers demand. Employers are looking for veterinary technicians who have training in pet care and will be able to work closely with pet owners to help them provide better care for their animals. Veterinary technicians must also be able to answer questions about pet care and assist a veterinarian in various procedures. This type of skill required quality education and training, which is what MCC specializes in providing to its veterinary technician students.

Veterinary assistants work in a supportive role with a veterinarian and they can work in a variety of facilities, ranging from traditional veterinary clinics to other types of care centers and mobile clinics. The training program at Milwaukee Career College offers students the chance to develop hands-on experience and training that today’s employers are looking for. In a matter of months, you can be on your way to a long-term career as a veterinary assistant. It also helps that this career field is growing and employers across the country are looking for veterinary assistants who have the right mix of training and experience.

If you enjoy working with animals and have the compassion to care for pets and their families, then becoming a professionally trained veterinary assistant could be the perfect job for you. This growing industry has a demand for compassionate and professionally trained veterinary assistants, especially as the amount of money that consumers spend on veterinary care continues to rise across the country.

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