Top 5 Tips for Dental Assistants

A visit to the dentist can make people nervous and/or uncomfortable. Patients don’t want to sit in a chair getting dental work done; it’s not what you would call fun. Plus, there is the thought of feeling pain throughout the procedure. So patients may feel both uncomfortable and fearful. It is important for a dental assistant to calm the patient and make them feel more comfortable before the work begins. Here are the Top 5 Tips for dental assistants to make their patients feel more comfortable.

  1.  Create a friendly environment for all the patients. Greet patients with a smile and make friendly conversation. Try to find a way to compliment them and make them feel good throughout their visit. Let them know that how they are feeling is normal and that they have nothing to worry about.
  2.  Explain the procedure in detail. A tray full of dental instruments can be very intimidating to a patient. Dental assistants can ease a patient’s mind by explaining the procedure and how each instrument is used. Let them know that the Dentist will do everything possible to make the whole procedure as painless as possible. If a patient knows what to expect, it can ease their fears.
  3. Make them feel safe. Tell the patient that they have nothing to fear and that they are welcome to signal the dentist if they feel any kind of discomfort. Sometimes a signal of some kind might work to help communication during the dental procedure. This will help the patient feel more in control and not completely helpless, which will ease their anxiety.
  4. Keep patients’ thoughts elsewhere. Find ways to keep a patient’s mind off of the procedure. Tell an interesting story. Play comforting music. Put on a television with entertainment that the patient enjoys.
  5. Ask questions. Ask the patient questions about their comfort or how you can make them feel better. They may not want to volunteer information on their own. However, if you ask them if they need more water or if they need to use the restroom, it’ll go a long way making them more comfortable.

A dental assistant can be a positive influence on a the experience of patients. We hope these top 5 tips for dental assistants help your dental career!

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