Veterinary Technicians are in High Demand

See Why Now is a Great Time to Enter the Industry

The Veterinary industry saw a surge in the last year of patients. The surge was due to the many people and families that adopted a pet during quarantine in 2020. The increase of pet owners all around the country indirectly led to a labor shortage of Veterinary Technicians and Assistants.

Why is there a shortage?

The rise in people being let go from their jobs during the pandemic and the increasing numbers of burnt-out workers has left the veterinary industry in a worker shortage. Many previous workers have felt burnt out and left the industry due to the lack of increased pay and increased demand for workers.

The other factor causing a shortage in veterinary technicians is the dramatic rise in pet owners due to the pandemic. This has rapidly increased the amount of work done by technicians. There are now so many pet owners that veterinary clinics many times don’t have the proper amount of people staffed to handle the demand.

How the Veterinary Industry is Changing

The main change that is being implemented is the issue of pay for veterinary technicians. An AVMA study has found that every certified technician brings an increase of revenue of approximately $90,000 to $100,000. This shows that veterinary technicians can be paid higher than their current rates. The other issues being addressed are the improper use of veterinary technicians and the training they must go through. There has been a much more significant shift in how schools like Milwaukee Career College teach their students and prepare them for a career after training.

Veterinary Technician Training at MCC

Milwaukee Career College has a veterinary technician program designed to prepare students to be career-ready when they graduate. In less than 2 years, students can be in a new career. MCC trains students to be able to work in multiple settings, including clinics, specialty practices, and emergency practices. Students will be trained to help both small and large animals, making them a versatile asset to veterinary clinics and practices when graduating.

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