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4 Must Read Medical Assistant Blogs

It’s important to keep up with what’s happening in the Medical Assistant profession whether you’re an aspiring Medical Assistant or already working as a Medical Assistant. One easy way to do this is to follow some blogs. Here are four Medical Assistant blogs you should be reading!

Legal Eye on Medical Assisting

One of the best resources for medical assistants is the Legal Eye on Medical Assisting blog. The blog articles focus primarily on ethics and the legalities of the profession. Legal Eye on Medical Assisting also compares and contrasts different Medical Assistant jobs. For example, you can find articles specifying the differences between Medication Aides or Technicians, versus the Medical Assistant.

Medical Assistant Career

Another good resource for medical assistants is the Medical Assistant Career blog. There you will be able to find articles which focus more on the daily tasks of a Medical Assistant. For instance, you will find information on how to provide the appropriate care for elderly patients and the steps you need to take to properly record a patient’s medical history.

Medical Assistant Resources

Medical Assistant Resources is geared more towards Medical Assistant students. This blog would be a great resource for someone contemplating becoming a Medical Assistant. The Medical Assistant Resources blog prepares students for training and a job as a Medical Assistant. The blog highlights topics such as what to expect as a Medical Assistant student, what to can expect in terms of salary, and tips to prepare for job interviews.

National Healthcareer Association

The National Healthcareer Association offers a blog featuring information on growth within the Medical Assistant profession. The National Healthcareer Association provides information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the United States Department of Labor, and information pertaining to EHR’s (Electronic Health Records).


We hope these four blogs help you determine if becoming a Medical Assistant is right for you or aid you in your profession as a Medical Assistant. If you’re an aspiring Medical Assistant and you’re ready to start your training consider MCCs Medical Assistant training program!

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