Dental Assistant Skills Prepare You

Dental assistant skills prepare you for your career. Dental Assistants are what a lot of dentist’s call the “backbone of the dental office”. This is because dental practice would not function properly without the help of Dental Assistants. A Dental Assistant training program can teach the various skills required to become a Dental Assistant. Read on to discover how Dental Assistants have a part to play in nearly every function of the office.

Office Management

A Dental Assistant can oftentimes be found helping around the office when they’re not busy with patients. This may include data entry, answering the phones, scheduling appointments, handling billing information and ordering supplies.

Measure Blood Pressure and Pulse

It is often required that a patient’s blood pressure and pulse be taken when they are coming in for a procedure. This responsibility falls into the hands of a Dental Assistant. It is important that they collect and record the data properly as they should have learned in their Dental Assistant training.

Take Oral X-Rays

X-Rays can be required whether a patient is coming in for a specific procedure or even just a simple check-up. X-Rays are vital as they help the dentist identify flaws in the teeth, such as cavities. The Dental Assistant prepares the patient for x-rays, takes the x-ray images and may even review the x-rays with the dentist.

Assist Dentist with Treatment

In certain dental practices, the Dental Assistant may actually spend more time with the patient than the dentist does. The Dental Assistant brings ease to the office by completing smaller procedures on their own before the dentist sees the patient. The Dental Assistant also sticks around while the dentist is visiting with the patient to carefully watch and provide tools as needed.

Educate Patients

Some patients have never learned how to properly maintain their oral health. A Dental Assistant teaches patients how to manage their overall oral hygiene, which can include education regarding braces or dentures. It is a Dental Assistant’s job to ensure that patients know how to care for their teeth after they leave the office.

Sterilize Equipment

An essential duty of a Dental Assistant is cleanup and sterilization. To ensure patient safety, Dental Assistants must properly sterilize every instrument and keep procedure rooms properly cleaned and maintained between patient visits.


These are just a few of the tasks a Dental Assistant completes on a daily basis. There is a wide array of duties that a Dental Assistant is responsible for. As you can see, these various responsibilities make Dental Assistants key to the functionality and productivity of the practice.

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