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Why become a Veterinary Assistant?

If you love animals and you also love caring for and healing animals, then becoming a veterinary assistant might be just the job for you. Every day, veterinary assistants are making a difference in the lives of animals.

Just this month, a story about an abandoned dog in Mississippi touched the hearts of animal lovers everywhere. The 4-month-old puppy, dubbed La-Z-Boy Gatson, was found abandoned on a dumped recliner on a remote road in Mississippi. The dog was in dire health and was literally dying of starvation. However, the poor pup was brought back to health by the veterinary staff at Brookhaven Animal Shelter.

After being nursed back to health and being treated for ringworm, the cute pup was adopted by a nice couple from Michigan who had heard about his story, first reported by TODAY on June 25. Dave Trammell and his girlfriend, Sommer Guy, drove over 15 hours in late July to meet and adopt La-Z-Boy Gatson after the pup’s story went viral. “Something about the way he looked just touched me,” Trammell recalled. “He just looked so cute and sad.”

La-Z-Boy Gatson is now thriving and living a better life thanks to the folks at Brookhaven. Making the difference in the lives of others is one of the best reasons to become a veterinary assistant. All living things need care and as a veterinary assistant you are able to provide care to some of the world’s most vulnerable creatures.

Although in some cases no schooling may be required to work as a veterinary assistant, coming into the job with little or no training is difficult. With all the competition out there to become a veterinary assistant, it is wise to get training before pursuing the profession. Plus, applicants with training are likely to get better pay than applicants with little or no training.

The responsibilities of a vet assistant can vary and depends greatly on where a vet assistant works. Often, a vet assistant’s day revolves around helping veterinary technicians and veterinarians help the animals, prepare them for surgeries and examinations, administrative paperwork, and communicating with pet owners about their pet’s health.

Getting veterinary assistant training helps veterinary assistant applicants learn the basic knowledge and skills necessary to apply for positions at places, such as humane societies, pet daycares, veterinary clinics, veterinary hospitals, grooming businesses, and kennels. Having documentation to prove you’re a trained and qualified candidate, is a huge plus in landing a job as a vet assistant. Schools like Milwaukee Career College give animal lovers the opportunity to gain hands-on training and a diploma before stepping into the role of a veterinary assistant.

If you’re interested in learning more getting trained to become a veterinary assistant, consider Milwaukee Career College (MCC), which is fully accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). MCC’s accelerated veterinary program can have you in a new career in a short time. Plus, you may qualify for financial aid. Don’t wait, call an advisor today and learn about the program now.

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